INDUSTRIAL 15 GA. Bostitch RING15 / Meihotech GDH Pneumatic Hog Ring Plier (Extra Long Nose)

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EVERWIN's line of pneumatic hog ring tools ideally suited for the closure of poly, mesh, and fabric bags in many different applications, as well as fencing and other hog ring applications. Designed and built for long service life in demanding production environments, these tools are extremely durable. An extensive range of tools suiting different ring sizes allow professionals to select the correct ring dimensions that fit their applications intended. All EVERWIN hog ring tools can be set up with zero balancer and manifold kit on a production line for applications where the bag is too heavy to easily lift or move.
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  • Large bag closure: concrete/powder, etc. bag liner closure
  • Car and boat seats upholstery
  • Securing strands or light strings to cabling
  • Mesh poultry, fruit, vegetable bags
  • Oil and fluid absorption socks
  • Securing netting in various applications
  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Loop forming: rope, bungee, wire/netting
  • Bedding: flange to spring
  • Wire Cages, Fencing



Minimizes cycle time


Adjustable for left or right handed operations


Weight 1.39 kgs (3.0 lbs)
Height 189mm (7.4")
Width 89mm (3.5")
Length 381mm (15")
Operating Pressure 5.9~7.9 bar (85 to 115 psi )
Air Consumption (L/sec @90psi) 0.5 (1.05 cfm)


Type 15 GA. Bostitch RING15 / Meihotech GDH
Loading Capacity 100 Rings
Tip Finish Sharp or Blunt
Ring Height 12mm (1/2")
Crown Width 23.9mm (15/16")
Wire Dia. 1.8mm (0.07")
Open Ring Size 19mm (3/4")
Closure Ring Size 7.9~10.7mm (5/16~27/64")
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