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EVERWIN's Full Lineup of Pallet Nailing / Repair Solutions

May 30, 2022

Everwin’s vast experience in tool development has given birth to the most durable and affordable pallet making/repair solutions in the industry today. Pallet nailers are the backbone on which we have built our reputation of top quality since the PN57 wire coil nailers and PN70 wire coil nailers.

PN57 and PN70 model nailers

The global pallet manufacturing industry has been experiencing robust growth over the past few years due to increased demand by the warehouse sector combined with increased e-commerce sales amidst the pandemic. This pressure for faster production and repair turnaround in the palletmaking industry has driven Everwin’s innovation for efficient tools. Apart from the traditional CN80’s and CN100’s, Everwin has introduced its very own PN90 that sits just between the two, yet offers 26% more power and is lighter than the average CN80’s. The innovation has brought about more compact and maneuverable tools while keeping the same driving power such as the PN65M wire coil nailers being 23% lighter than the CN70.

Keep in mind most of our tools can be modified for automation use with jumbo magazine assemblies for selected models. You’ll find that we use only the toughest materials in manufacturing our lineup such as investment casting for ultimate durability coupled with a robust overall design. As an option, our entire pallet nailer line can be reassembled with the RCVA highspeed remote-control valves. These tools are all built for high-volume all day industrial use.


We have a full lineup of specialized pallet nailers for stringer and block pallets, whether you need a 1” (25mm), a 4” (100mm), or even clinch nails, we have the right tool for the right job. Speaking of the right tool, we have simplified the pallet-making steps by tool recommendation to give you a better idea as to which tool would be ideal for your needs. In addition to pallet-making tools, we also carry pallet disassembly and repair tools for removing nails from deck boards and fixing those split stringers. Across North America, Everwin is continuing to be one of the leading brands used by CHEP with approved tools such as the PN70CL industrial clinch nail gun.

We’re proud to introduce our market-leading lineup of pallet making/repair solutions.

Tool Recommendation: Pallet Making/Repair



EVERWIN® was founded in 2012 by a group of American and Taiwanese pneumatic tool experts, each boasting decades of experience and success in the world of pneumatic fastening. They founded the company with one shared goal in mind— to “build a brand the fastening industry can rely on for consistency and efficiency”. EVERWIN quickly garnered recognition as a premier brand for industrial fastening tools. With strong roots in the industrial market, EVERWIN has a different take on construction nailers and staplers from most price-driven manufacturers today; and with a touch of innovation, its 2017 and 2018 product introductions earned EVERWIN back-to-back Pro Tool Innovation Awards.