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EVERWIN® Block Innovative String Pallet Repair Solution

Apr 01, 2019

Everwin Pneumatic Corp. introduces the PN70CL Industrial Clinch Nail Gun, a patented pneumatic tool that revolutionizes the way string pallets are repaired. This tool helps improve operation safety while boosting efficiency compared to conventional string pallet repair methods.

The PN70CL nailer is geared with a built-in anvil that nails are driven against, which results in nails clinched as intended in pallet repair. EVERWIN’s patented ClinchArmTM air route ensures the anvil clamps pallet strings firmly before each nail is driven, resulting in an optimal clinch-yield rate. Once the trigger is pulled, the following sequence of motions happen:

  1. The PN70CL’s clinch arm is brought upwards by a rear cylinder.
  2. The first sequence clamps pallet strings against each other.
  3. A nail is driven and clinched against the anvil attached to the clinch arm.

PN70CL-Mechanism.jpg (115 KB)

“We brought on the PN70CL initially to help prevent injuries of our staff accidentally piercing their hands on pallet repair nails tips that are not yet hammered, the PN70CL does deliver on this front as advertised, we have been injury-free at our pallet repair stations since these tools were implemented. Furthermore, we’ve also seen a production output increase from our pallet repair stations once our staff became accustomed to the operation of these tools. We are very satisfied with this investment,” says C.L Deng, Plant Manager at JRC Wood Industry Co., Ltd., one of the first companies that started trialing the EVERWIN PN70CL.

After 5 years of development, 8 engineering pilot runs and 12+ field test takes, the PN70CL is now market-ready and has been tested and approved by CHEP’s corporate laboratory in Orland FL. Despite the pandemic this year, this latest tool innovation from EVERWIN is on course for a mass rollout in May 2020.

Key Features on the EVERWIN PN70CL:

  • Industry-leading clinch-yield rate
  • Backup anvil attached as replacement for when the original anvil is worn
  • Engineered composite and metal shields cover all air lines
  • Steel forged, cylinder-actuated clinch arm
  • Hanger bracket compatible with standard spring balancers
  • Secondary safety handle ensures both hands are properly placed during operation
  • Ergonomic construction with a streamlined clinch arm that slides in between pallet strings easily

The tool launches in May 2020 via EVERWIN’s selected dealers in 40+ countries. Contact [email protected] to find a dealer near you.