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EVERWIN® Introduces Industry’s First Dedicated 90mm (3-1/2”) Pallet Coil Nailer

Apr 01, 2019

Everwin Pneumatic Corp. introduces the PN90 Industrial Coil Nail Gun, a nimble pneumatic tool with industrial-grade power. This tool answers the longstanding need for a durable tool that sits between the class of average CN80’s and CN100’s.

The ergonomic PN90 nailer is geared with EVERWIN’s Hammerhead™ engine that minimizes recoil, making it easy to maneuver on high-speed operation. Despite its compact design, the engine delivers enough power for pallet nailing jobs of its caliber, sinking nails into pine and oak with ease. Other features include a 360˚ rotatable exhaust that helps guide exhausted air away when operators work facing one another.

Weighing in at 3.7 kgs (8.2 lbs), the PN90 is lighter than average CN80’s but delivers 26% more driving power, a mass upgrade in every aspect. This also makes a great alternative to average CN100’s often used to shoot 75mm (3”) nails, reducing arm fatigue of pallet builders significantly. The PN90 is geared to shoot nails with shank diameters of 2.5~3.8mm (0.099~0.148”) in lengths of 50~90mm (2”~3-1/2”).

“Like any other EVERWIN tool, the PN90 is geared to take a beating and keep up with high-volume production. Tool weight reduction often sacrifices structural integrity, but not in this case; the development took 6 engineering pilot runs and 30+ field test takes, all to ensure we have a tool fast enough for the quickest pallet builders, durable enough for the harshest environments and unique enough to set us apart from market competition.” says Charlie Lin, Global Sales Director at EVERWIN.

Key Features on the EVERWIN PN90:

  • Industry-leading power to weight ratio
  • Lighter than average CN80’s but 26% more powerful
  • Ergonomically designed with EVERWIN’s Hammerhead™ engine
  • Rotatable exhaust directs blow-back away from the user
  • High speed steel driver blade paired with specially hardened nose and safety

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