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Contractor Supply Magazine on the FSN3490

May 30, 2020

The North American cross-laminated timber market size reached US$ 80 Million in 2019, gaining momentum since its introduction in 2000. Cross laminated timber (CLT) is an engineered wood product made by stacking layers of wood panel in alternating directions and bonding them with adhesives. This arrangement improves the strength and dimensional stability of the panels, making them suitable for load-bearing construction. With denser properties compared to traditional natural timber, nailers of higher energy values are needed to drive fasteners into CLT; most existing framing nailers lack sufficient energy for such application.

EVERWIN’s upcoming 34-degree 3-1/2” framing nailer, the FSN3490 is set to be the most powerful nailer in its class with comparable weight (8.2 lbs) to that of other brands. “As the youngest nailer & stapler manufacturer today, we stand on the shoulders of giants, analyzing an extensive collection of existing tools in the market during product development, learning what’s been done right and what we can improve upon as the market evolves,” says Andy Chuang, EVERWIN’s manager of marketing and sales. “Using traditional framing nailers with CLT often results in users hammering in nails that stand proud as these tools are not geared for such dense material. The FSN3490’s boosted energy of 1,000 in-lbs makes it easier for users to sink nails on the first go even with CLT, which in turn saves time and increases efficiency.”

Following the introduction of this standard FSN3490, EVERWIN plans to launch an extended magazine version catering to the automation market with a loading capacity of 180+ nails and a nimble, compact short magazine version for remodelers. “By answering needs from building material trends such as CLT in our core design and offering extensive modularized options for users of different natures, we hope to bring true value to professional framers.” says Chuang.

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