Media Reports

COVID-19 Operation Update

May 06, 2020

EVERWIN Pneumatic is committed to keeping you informed regarding our approach to navigating the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this challenging period, we remain focused on our number one priority of ensuring the safety and health of our employees, while at the same time continuing to serve our customers and maintaining our financial strength, and doing our part to help communities and governments mitigate the effects of the virus.


As it relates to employee health and safety, our top priority, we have implemented several critical safety measures that allow us to continue to sustain business operations. Our safety measures were implemented early on and often significantly exceed those required they have allowed our supply chain to run consistently with minimal interference.

Examples of our safety measures include:

  • Daily temperature screening of employees and visitors at all facilities, including manufacturing plants, distribution centers and monitoring centers, as well as at our traditional office locations, for employees and visitors.
  • Sending home any employees showing symptomatic signs of illness and ill employees are not allowed to return until well.
  • Requiring employees and visitors to wear face masks at our facility, or while our employees are out visiting suppliers or customers.
  • Ensuring social distancing within our facility, and in appropriate cases, building physical barriers between workstations.
  • Restricting all non-essential travel both internationally and within countries, where almost no employees are traveling outside of their local areas, and requiring those employees who do travel for either work or personal reasons to self-quarantine on return.
  • Enhancing all cleaning and sanitization processes, as well as making hand sanitizer, handwashing and other hygiene practices standard and required in our facility.
  • Providing our employees with personal protective equipment such as face masks and hand sanitizers for protection of themselves and their families while in public in their local communities.

To date, our thorough safety measures are proving highly effective, although we recognize that we must continue our vigilance to keep our people safe.


We recognize that the continued operations of our supply chain are a critical component and work with our partners on a day-to-day basis to help enable their ongoing business operations. As we slowly overcome this crisis as a unit, we at EVERWIN shall ensure a steady flow of production output so that our key customers in the packaging and pallet industry can help get essential supplies to where they are needed most with minimal disruption.