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C OI L  NA I LE R  F E A T U R E   T A B L E

                   SEQUENTIAL TRIGGER                  AUXILIARY                         ALUMINUM FRAME
                     Fulfills European safety          SIDE HANDLE

                     SMART TRIGGER                     360°  ADJUSTABLE                  MAGNESIUM FRAME
                   Auto adjust b/w contact & sequential     EXHAUST COVER

                   Pull trigger first for contact fire
                     Press safety first for sequential fire

                   RAPID FIRE TRIGGER                  NOSE SHROUD                       RUBBER BODY PAD

                   Up to 15 shots /second              Blocks debris and wire            Protects work piece surface


                  DEPTH ADJUSTMENT                     ROBUST MAGAZINE                   METAL FRAME GUARD

                  Sets fasteners at desired            Proven in toughest work           Protects tool body on impact

                  depth                                environments

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